7 Most Preferred NodeJS Frameworks to Look for as Server-Side Application in 2020

Aman Kaushik

July 09, 2020

One of the major challenges that web developers used to face earlier was the JavaScript framework limitation to allow only client-side scripting. However, with the debut of Node.js, it became possible for developers to use JavaScript language as a server-side application. As the benefits were exhilarating, Node.js made its way towards the web development world in no time. It is now one of the most popular development frameworks for building both frontend and backend for web apps.

Want to know the most preferred Node.js frameworks to try out in 2020? Before digging into them, you might want to have a brief idea of the Node.js framework.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a free, open-source JavaScript runtime environment that runs on various platforms and accelerated by the Linux Foundation's Collaborative Projects program. As it incorporates useful tools and libraries, it creates the base layer for developing web applications easily. The most crucial elements like its architecture and features enable the development of fast web servers in JavaScript.

In simple words, Node.js is a collaborative, cross-platform project dedicated to building and supporting the Node.js platform. The run-time environment includes everything a developer needs to execute a program written in JavaScript.

Take a look at the top Node.js frameworks that can come in quite handy...

Though every Node.js framework offers scalability and flexibility for top-notch performance, we will go through 10 best ones which will dominate in 2020. Let's get started with the list:

  1. 1. Express.js - A fast, robust, and unique framework known for its speed, scalability, minimalism, and flexibility. It acts as a routing framework and gives developers the freedom to organize and control their projects as they prefer. It is accompanied by a dynamic, fast, and adjustable set of features that are suitable for developing both web and mobile applications.

    Key Features of Express.js

    - Robust API and quick I/O for smooth & seamless routing

    - Model-View-Controller for developing eccentric apps

    - Easy to understand and completely customizable

    - Supports 14+ templates for incredible performance

    - Offers the opportunity to send and receive requests between front end and database

    - Allows to plot both single and multi-page, along with varied web apps

  2. 2. Hapi.js - An open-source, stable Model-View-Controller MVC framework used to develop Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs. It offers exceptional ability to create a server with outstanding features along with structuring of websites and HTTP proxy applications. It is the only framework that offers full centralized control over codes and does not depend on outside help.

    Key Features of Hapi.js

    - Provides with I/O validation, routing, and caching

    - Offers a powerful plugin network for fixing bugs and add new features

    - Allows compatibility with MySQL, MongoDB, and Postgres

    - Easy to build an API for mobile and single-page applications

    - Meets needs for both web apps and server-side coding

    - Offers easy control over request handling and seamless document generation

  3. 3. Nest.js - A versatile and adaptable REST API framework that mainly focuses on developing progressive server-side applications. It uses cumulative JavaScript written with TypeScript for building scalable apps. Developing with TypeScript means a strong code writing that is a combination of elements like functional programming, object-oriented programming, functional reactive programming, etc.

    Key Features of Nest.js

    - Uses TypeScript as its programming language

    - Offers a modular structure and arranges codes systematically in different modules

    - Helps build highly scalable, testable, loosely linked, and manageable applications

    - Uses Nest CLI (a command-line interface) to integrate a lot of unique features

    - Provides easy frontend development on AngularJS and backend with Nest.js

    - Gives an out-of-the-box application design for building viable applications

  4. 4. Koa.js - A lightweight yet extremely powerful middleware framework to develop APIs and web applications. Formed by the engineers of Express, it uses ES2017 async capacities and considered to be a stronger and more expressive framework. The middlewares are progressively streamlines and stack runs in a stack-like method. Some of the main elements include content negotiation, redirection, normalization of node discrepancies, etc.

    Key Features of Koa.js

    - Allows building backend and frontend with a single scripting language

    - the lightweight architecture uses the functions of the Es6 generator

    - Comes with more options for customization, ideal for first-timers developing Node.js servers

    - Supports syn/await keywords and always clean up any mess to manage the codes neatly

    - Offers ready-to-use tools for building node applications

    - Simplifies and accelerates server writing as middleware is not in the core

  5. 5. Meteor.js - A basic full-stack node.js system used for building web and mobile applications. It lets developers build real-time applications and can be effectively used with desktop, android, and web iOS. The framework provides a platform for the total development of the app to be in a similar language, making app development easier. Furthermore, it is project-based on the model- view-controller (MVC) framework.

    Key Features of Meteor.js

    - Provides ideal performance as it shares the same APIs on the server-side and client-side components

    - Comes with a few lines of codes being a very lightweight architecture

    - Gives the liberty to use any other platform as it can be integrated with Angular, Vue, Mongo, React, Npm, Graphql, and Cordova

    - Eliminates the need for updating mobile apps and offers similar code for different devices

    - Offers an outstanding front-end solution and database integration

  6. 6. Sails.js - A real-time MVC web development framework built on Express which enabled developers to quickly assemble data-driven REST APIs, single-page apps, and more. It provides some important blueprints so developers don't require composing any code. The micro-framework offers many features for developing real-time chat applications, dashboards, and multiplayer games.

    Key Features of Sails.js

    - Offers users the use of almost any database with ORM (Object Rational Mapping) solution

    - Provides compatibility with several front-end platforms

    - Allows for using any popular databases and processes HTTP requests

    - Offers information-driven style of API and web application development

    - Easy project template generation and quick development of object models

    - Offers smooth integration of middleware and assists

  7. 7. Loopback.js - A node.js framework that comes with an easy-to-use CLI and a dynamic API Web browser. It facilitates developers to build their models based on their schema or powerful end-to- end REST APIs quickly with minimal coding. Also, it promotes secure authentication and furnishes simplicity of incorporation with a wide range of databases. It can also permit you to build a server API that maps to another server.

    Key Features of Loopback.js

    - Supports multiple databases and has add-ons for file management, third-party login

    - Permits developers to create APIs that can work with any kind of web client

    - Allows creation of SDKs and API Documentations with its default widget API Explorer

    - Provides a clean and modular structure of codes and a full-stack configuration

    - Comes with model-relation-support, API Swagger, third-party login, storage service, etc

  8. That's all for Node.js applications for now but this is just the beginning as there are so many more to discuss...

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