Does An Event Management Company Need a Dedicated App?

Puneet Sharma

Oct 01, 2020

In the last decade, event apps have evolved a lot and have become a versatile tool for businesses involved in event management. There are hundreds of events including exhibitions, festivals, meet-ups, conferences, and sporting events. A lot of people are involved to make them a huge success as they can be dedicated to different causes.

What if you can manage them from the comfort of your mobile device? What if you don’t need to invest in a big team to manage an event? What if you can do all the planning and its execution with just a few clicks? It will be amazing, right…

What’s the role of event management apps in the age of change?

Event planning apps have proven to be a powerful means of managing different types of events and delivering a better experience to the audience. It is no surprise that the event management industry is growing at a dramatic speed. With all the possible business models, it might be challenging to get the ball rolling without a dedicated app.

Augment reality is taking over the conventional learning process worldwide as it has the potential to introduce new and additional ways of learning.

Here’s why…
  1. - Effective Collaboration: Geet your team organised and keep track of the progress in the event on the dashboard.

  2. - More Attendee Engagement: Send scheduled messages, teasers, reminders, and newsletters to your registrants.

  3. - Manage Multiple Events: Set up workflows, automate task execution, monitor the state of events, and keep an eye on analytics of multiple events.

  4. - Strong Networking: Communicate with your potential partners with ease as networking is crucial for events, and a dedicated mobile app can help.

  5. - Go Social: Broadcast anything happening on the event’s Twitter or Facebook to the app which helps you make your event intuitive.

  6. - Strong Promotional Instruments: Get a separate section for providing more detailed information as in-app sponsorship space.

  7. - Real-Time Feedback: Get real-time feedback and analyse the event’s results without having to use additional poll platforms to gather opinions.

  8. The Future is Custom

    With customised apps gaining immense acknowledgment and increasing needs of the audience, you need to go for dedicated tools that complement your all-in-one platform. The reliable mobile apps developers for event management company can help bring your vision to life. A custom-built mobile app will have all the essential features you need and will prevent you from spending a fortune on developing an app nobody wants to use.

    Events are becoming more prevalent than an event and all thanks to the dedicated apps…

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