Ethereum Blockchain Application Solutions

Rajat Sharma

Jun 10, 2020

5 Ethereum Blockchain Application Solutions to Look for in 2020

Intend to deploy a technology where your data remain yours and you are in full control of your assets? Try Blockchain...

Major sectors are currently deploying Blockchain solutions to address their business issues. Enterprises have very diverse needs from individual users as they need to manage sensitive data and hold themselves accountable for safety standards. The 3Ps plays an imperative role in the success of any technology - Permissioning, Privacy, and Performance. Ethereum blockchain is one such decentralized distributed computing platform that has a native cryptocurrency called Ether (ETH), the digital money.

If you're looking for Ethereum Blockchain development company for fabricating apps catering to your distinct demands, here are 5 secure and tamper-proof solutions to look for:

  • Ethereum Smart Contract Development - Accurate & transparent execution of operations! Smart Contracts can be easily coded with the help of Ethereum Blockchain and you can bring in speed, transparency, and fair party accounts. It facilitates the easy exchange of money, property, shares, content, or anything of value. As Smart Contracts run on the Blockchain, there's no possibility of downtime, censorship, or third-party interference.

  • ERC Token Development - Mintable, haltable, burnable, and transferable contracts! Ethereum tokens are simply digital assets that keep track of ether payments as they are being built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain. They not only strengthen the Ethereum ecosystem but also power the smart contracts. ERC-20 tokens can be shared or exchanged for other tokens, or you can also transfer them to a crypto-wallet.

  • DApps Development - Database-agnostic DApps for improving the implementation efficiency! DApps are web applications backed by Ethereum smart contracts and rely on the Blockchain as a backend for storage and program logic. Decentralized Application (DApps) allows for secure collaborations, reduction in operational costs, and seamless management. Also, enjoy foolproof code, higher resilience, and peer-to-peer transparency.

  • Enterprise Ethereum - Increases efficiency and unlock new opportunities! A bountiful of businesses, governments, and other organizations are adopting Enterprise Ethereum. It dramatically reduces the cost of collaboration and trust being a transparent and immutable ledger. A decentralized architecture ensures increased security, customizable privacy, and custom permission layers. It also gives the ability to deploy more powerful features via new incentive models.

  • Ethereum Cryptocurrency Wallet Development - Customized Ether Wallet applications for different businesses! Developing Cryptocurrency Wallets on the Ethereum platform helps you create a password-protected wallet. The integration of wallet management into the account will help you to interact with smart contracts and send transactions directly from the code.

Blockchain is like a one-stop solution for your needs. So, find a reliable Ethereum Blockchain development company to find your perfect solution...

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