Is Augment Reality the Future of Education?

Puneet Sharma

Sep 11, 2020

Are you planning to bring augment reality in education? Augmented reality (AR) in education is surging in popularity is schools and colleges. The technology is allowing educators to improve the learning experience by increasing creativity and interactivity.

How is augmented reality used in education?

Today, most people own smartphones or laptops to access social platforms or play games. In the meantime, a much lesser part of the population uses their gadgets for studying purposes. This is where augmented reality plays a big role by providing interesting ways of learning and making complex information easier to understand.

Augment reality is taking over the conventional learning process worldwide as it has the potential to introduce new and additional ways of learning.

Here are a few ways AR benefits education…
  1. - The real-world environment and computer-generated perceptual information could catch students’ attention and would give them a wider understanding of topics.

  2. - AR technology can be used to explain abstract and difficult concepts by turning them into 3D models, thus making it easier to grasp the core concept.

  3. -Teachers can involve students in lessons by allowing them to discover and learn via creative methods such as videos, objects modeling, animations, etc.

  4. -In many cases, theoretical knowledge is not sufficient, and augmented reality is allowing the use of augmented tutorials and simulations to provide real-world experience.

  5. Augmented Reality Education Apps

    When we talk about augmented reality in education, it is not possible to incorporate without a compatible app. Today, a lot of companies are providing on-demand application development to meet their clients’ specific needs.

    Traditional education methods are becoming a thing of the past with increasing digitalization. If you’re interested, you can get augmented reality apps for students, augmented reality apps for kids, AR learning, self-education apps, and custom AR apps.

    While the goal is not to grab every student into Science or Physics but to get them interested in a subject. In a nutshell, AR provides students with opportunities to understand the core concepts and deepen their knowledge in several areas such as:

    1. - Reading

    2. - Writing

    3. - Playing

    4. - Working With numbers

    5. - Spatial concepts

    6. - Real-life scenarios

    Using Augmented Reality in education: The Opportunities & Challenges

    Though augmented reality in education can serve several purposes, it is still new and unsettled. It helps the teachers to engage students and at the same time, students can acquire, process, and remember the core concepts. moreover, even parents can benefit by making learning fun for their children.

    Despite the amazing benefits, there are certain pitfalls such as a lack of necessary training, dependence on hardware, and content portability issues. However, a well-researched and well-designed app can help you overcome them and make learning an amazing experience.

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