On-Demand Video Application Development: A Jackpot Ticket for Businesses

Puneet Sharma

Jun 18, 2020

In the times when your customers' needs are ever-evolving and they expect everything on-the-go - anytime, anywhere, you have to put their priorities on the top. Consumer behavior has shifted in recent years with the advancement in technology. Now, they have their hands on applications that allow them to shop and order products and services online. On-demand video application development offers you the ability to have an edge over your competitors by providing your customers what they want.

Well! Before we jump onto another section, let's get rid of the confusion and understand 'on-demand apps' better...

What's the difference between on-demand apps and video-on-demand apps?

Today, most Internet users are diverting to the on-demand platforms whether it's an on-demand app or video-on-demand service.

On-Demand Service App: The app act as an intermediary between clients and service professionals as it allows a user to get instant access to certain services offered by the client or company. Some popular examples include taxi booking, car-wash, plumbing, event organizer, make-up or beauty apps, etc.

Video-On-Demand (VOD): It is a video media distribution system allowing users to access videos anytime, anywhere without the constraints of a typical broadcasting schedule. transactional VOD, catch- up TV, subscription models, near video, push video, and advertising video are some popular types.

Why you should go for on-demand application development?

Simply put, it's the demand for on-demand apps that has triggered the development and with a whole bunch of options, developers are making lives easier. Also, the success of many on-demand apps has inspired entrepreneurs to look beyond boundaries and offer their tech-savvy audience something extremely useful.

Though the concept of on-demand apps or services is adopted successfully by many businesses, a few areas are experiencing a dramatic shift over the traditional ways.

Listed below are some trending on-demand services apps:

  • Beauty Services: Is there anything better than being pampered and groomed without leaving our comfort zones? On-demand beauty apps offer everything to the couch right from booking a make- up artist or hairstylist to other salon services. Some popular platforms are Urban, LeSalon, Treatwell, YouCam Makeup, and Yes Madam.

  • Taxi Booking: How does it feel when someone is waiting in a bike or taxi for us so that we can reach our destination without any complexity? On-demand transportation booking apps offer a robust dashboard to manage everything easily. Uber, Ola, Lyft, DiDi, Hailo, and Grab are some popular examples.

  • Wellness & Medicine: What if all our prescription medicines and health care products are available at our doorstep? With more and more people looking for instant online solutions, it comes handy for elderly people and working professionals to access apps. Some popular examples include Practo, NetMeds, BookMeds, 1MG, and Myra.

  • Retail Sector: Though the retail sector is using on-demand apps for a long time, services like same-day delivery or return has given it a boost. Most popular retail sectors use apps for delivering groceries, clothing, shoes, and accessories. Amazon, the Home Depot, Wish, LIKEtoKNOW, and Zulily are some popular retail apps.

  • Food & Delivery: Who won't like to have their favorite food and other items delivered right to their doorsteps? Mobile apps have taken food and delivery to the next level and lots of startups are gaining the advantage by delivering hot meals. Zomato, UberEats, Grubhub, Doordash, Instacart, Swiggy, and Foodpanda are some best examples.

How are Blockchain-based on-demand apps gaining momentum?

The secure and transparent distributed ledger technology, Blockchain has been experiencing great development over the past couple of years. The on-demand video streaming industry is going gaga over this decentralized technology as they no more have to worry about complex content licensing schemes, piracy, and other issues.

The blockchain-based video streaming has caught the fancy of one and all in the digital world. The technology holds great potential in the realm of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Objects. Also, it allows the new-age video streaming platforms to provide an enhanced and enriched experience to their users.

Here are a few reasons why technology enthusiasts and digital pioneers are excited to bring both platforms together:

- As video streaming is growing by leaps and bounds, it demands better bandwidth and storage that is often controlled by centralized cloud servers. Blockchain has given rise to opportunities for creating video streaming platforms that can be managed by video creators and innovators.

- Being a peer-to-peer network, Blockchain allows the content creators to publish and deliver any content directly to the users by avoiding any central power. In Simple words, creators and users both can join the network which eliminates the need for a middle agent. It helps content creators earn monetary benefits with direct access to the revenue.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Instagram LiveTV, and Twitch are some acknowledged video-on-demand apps. While Hubrisone and All in one Platform are blockchain-based platforms. Furthermore, Zoom is another popular web-based video conferencing tool that allows users to meet online. As the platform allows to record sessions and collaborate on projects, Blockchain can prove to be a boon.

The Final Verdict

While talking about the scope of on-demand video application development, the sky is the limit. There are many sectors where on-demand services apps are providing entrepreneurs with an edge. Today, every businessperson is looking for an ideal app development company that can build an efficeint mobile app.

To gain success in any sphere, it has become imperative to analyze the exact consumer needs and respond accordingly. The key advantage of on-demand apps is your ability to provide your target audience with everything they need.

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